Equinox Reflections

“As the triumph of man’s infatuation with his own material inventiveness, global industrialization has had the singular effect of intensifying the blindness of modern humans to the actuality of the Sun as an intelligence to be factored into our every activity. The smoke churned by the dark mills of Satan, literally as well as metaphorically, has caused a forgetfulness of our solar heritage that has now brought us to the brink of self-destruction. Until we understand that the fatal fascination with our technological inventiveness represents a turning away from the forces of light and an actual disregard of our own potential as universal co-creators, we shall not escape the consequences of our ignorance.

For the truth is that we turn to gadgetry, not willing to own up to the power that lies within our own internal circuitry, a bio-electromagnetic circuitry which is directly connected through the Solar Lords, the AHAU KINES, to the Sun. So it is that we have come to labor in the pits of materialism. Cut off from the fifth-dimensional guides, blind even to the existence of the fourth-dimensional light body – the “soul” – identifying exclusively with the third-dimensional physical garment, materialistic humanity charts a shadow-course through a darkness of its own making."

— Jose Arguelles (1987), The Mayan Factor, p. 178

"The great return... is like an awakening from cultural trance. It is the opportunity… to receive the galactic imprint. Though at first we do not appear to be Mayan, by the time we reach the moment for galactic synchronization our way of life shall be in every regard a modeling after the lifestyle of the Maya who preceded us in Central America. Only we shall find ourselves as planetary Maya, possessing a brilliantly simple and sophisticated technology based on the matching of solar and psychic frequencies which harmonize the “ratio of the sense-fields.” Creating a non-polluting technology, we shall allow ourselves to subsist comfortably in small bioregional groups, strung together as information nodes on a communications system that has finally dispensed with wires.

And lastly, availing ourselves of the leisure time to which our genetic hardware had originally disposed us, we shall collectively come to know as one. In that knowing, our life shall pass into the greater life. The mystery of the unknown which has always beckoned us, by the light it contained in its question, will expand us into levels of being and knowing undreamed of by the strife-worn ego of the old mental house.

As the index of the rate of planetary acceleration, technology will indeed have transformed itself. Through synchronization, this transformation will show us that with all of our bio-electromagnetic hardware and galactic light-body programming, it is we ourselves, Maya returned, who in our own bodies are the best and most sophisticated technology there is —
we are the path beyond technology.”

Jose Arguelles (1987), The Mayan Factor, p.173

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