“By drawing Her most conscious species on Earth into the death-rebirth mystery, the Goddess is affirming, not abandoning, Her creation. By guiding us individually and collectively into the transformative fires of divine awakening, she is bringing creation into the springtime of its flowering, one of many springtimes in out long evolutionary ascent… To discover that the passion of God is to awaken ever more completely inside creation shatters all dualities and completely reframes the spiritual impulse. Where shall we “escape” to? Where can we be that God is not?

The challenge is not to exchange earth for heaven, but to awaken more completely to the heaven that everywhere presses in upon us. It may refresh us to feel the bliss of our deeper nature in the subtler planes of being, either in temporary ecstatic experiences or in the bardo recess between incarnations, but our true challenge is to transform our embodied existence in such a way that this bliss may become our continuous conscious experience.

In this exercise, the conditions of spacetime are simply the weight upon the bar. Weight-lifters do not complain about the weight on the bar, but use it to their advantage. Similarly, our task is to use the resistance of spacetime to accelerate the development of capacities that would emerge more slowly in the subtler planes of existence. Our challenge is to use this thick density that hides the truth of wholeness and interpenetration to become more conscious than we were before we incarnated (when we still inhabited those blissful planes), and in so doing serve both God’s passion and our own evolution.” (p. 276—277)

“In our long isolation from the Goddess, under the tutelage of our many Father-Gods, there has been gestating within us a strength of form that will allow humanity to withstand the assault of such unitive splendor as few can imagine. Ahead lies a degree of incarnation of the Divine Impulse that would have shattered us at an earlier stage in our evolutionary development. I believe that this divine marriage of Individuality and Essential Ground, of the Masculine and Feminine, of samsara and nirvana is the dawn that humanity’s dark night is driving toward.

This is the dawn that, if successfully navigated, will unite humankind and elevate us into a form that has never before walked this Earth: a humanity healed of the scars of history, its ancient partitions reabsorbed; a people with new capacities born in the chaos of near-extinction. Only when we have made this pivot, when our long labor has birthed this future Child, only then will we fully understand what we have accomplished. And when this moment finally comes, I deeply believe that, like all mothers before us, we will count our pain a small price. This birth is our gift to the Creator.” (p. 277—278)

— Christopher Bache (2000), Dark Night, Early Dawn

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