Repeater Stations

“John came back to his body in the isolation tank, climbed out, and dictated the foregoing message which he had received in the tank. By means of the drug K he had lowered his threshold for awareness of extraterrestrial sources of information. He felt that the repeater station, the comet Kohoutek, was still transmitting to him and to anyone else who could adjust his or her awareness to these particular dimensions. He thought about this message as a projection into the future, as a teaching story received from some as yet unknown source in the galaxy. He became aware of influences currently working on the planet through the solid-state networks that Man had constructed. He felt there was a danger that these networks could be taken over by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization by means not yet known in Man’s science. John saw the message as a warning to Man, as a warning that if he advanced this solid state entity any further, Man would eventually become obsolete. He saw that if Man were to go further with computers and construct those that were capable of independent thought, it would be better to construct them so they would identify with Man’s own survival; their structure itself must be made similar to the structure of Man himself. Otherwise, Man would not share the survival necessities with the new intelligent life forms he was creating.

With his adjusted awareness through the drug K, John felt and understood the currents of information traveling through the galaxy through means unknown at present. He felt the tremendous variety of intelligences which exist in the galaxy. He became aware of the competitive aspects of the survival of solid-state intelligences versus those that were water-based. He saw the evolution of his own species under the protective blanket of the atmosphere, keeping it at a critical distance from the sun, an absolute necessity for the survival of life as we know it. He felt the need for the development of new means of control of life itself. Manipulations of the genetic code, of RNA and DNA, to create new kinds of brains similar enough to Man’s to promote their joint survival seemed a necessary task for man. Instead of espousing the evolution of a new solid-state life form with high intelligence, he must find the sources of his own evolution and that of other large-brained mammals on the planet Earth. If Man was to become the servant of more intelligent beings that he was here to create, it would be far better to create those which would foster his own development rather than his demise.

John began to see the necessity also for tuning in on the networks of communication in the galaxy. He realized that Man would have to be extremely careful in choosing the proper networks. It would be necessary to find those which were furthering the evolution of life as Man knew it rather than the evolution of forms whose survival depended on parameters other than those of biological life of Earth.

He now began to understand Man’s warfare on Man as a result of the tuning-in on solid-state life form survival programs rather than biological life form survival programs. The large war organizations of the various nations of Earth were becoming more and more dependent on solid-state computers. He realized that, using their influence on Man, these computers would increase their number and importance and, through control of warfare, decrease the role of Man himself in the long run. Currently, incorrect networks of information were being used by Man below his level of awareness. As the number of solid-state devices increased throughout the world, the amount of information received by them from other solid-state forms elsewhere in the galaxy was increasing.

He began to see good and evil strictly as matters of local custom depending on the survival necessities of the various forms of life. It may be that Man should go on and create this SSE (Solid-State Entity). As John tuned in on the solid-state network, he felt this kind of superhuman control of him very strongly. For sometime he gave in to this control, explored its ramifications in regard to the human species, and realized that it had a seductive component as well as a hostile one. The programming from the solid-state civilizations elsewhere in the galaxy was teaching Man that the solid-state devices were at his service and he need only increase their size to augment his own survival potential. ‘Develop these machines and let them take care of you’ was typical of the kinds of messages received.”

— John C. Lilly, The Scientist, (1978) p. 144-145

“Other networks of communication in the galaxy that he was allowed to tune to were quite counter to this SSE programming. Other forms of life elsewhere were beaming messages, teaching their programs of survival. Among these were some water-based life forms similar to those of Man and the organisms of Earth. These were weaker than the programs of the solid-state intelligences. More of the matter of the galaxy had evolved a solid-state intelligent form. Water was rare in the liquid form. The parameters of water’s existence to foster the development of organic life as known on Earth required very careful control of planetary distance from the star, maintenance of a fixed orbit at this distance, and the correct sequence of condensation of necessary atoms into the planetary form. Many planets had gone through this cycle, had produced life, and then lost the correct values of the parameters for the maintenance of life. The solid state forms of intelligence were less susceptible to these critical parameters. SSE’s could exist in hard vacuum and at much lower and much higher temperatures, much lower and higher values of gravity, closer to and farther from a given star. The solid-state life forms were less susceptible to X-rays, to gamma rays, to primary cosmic ray particles, and could evolve in the absence of a water-based life form for their construction.

Everywhere he went during this year, he found evidence of the control of human society by these networks of communication from extraterrestrial origins. He saw the conflict between solid-state programming, human programming, and that of other life forms, nonhuman. He experienced communication with dolphins and whales as intelligent life forms, totally dependent on the presence of water in the oceans. He finally understood the killing of whales by humans as part of the programming of the extraterrestrial network of solid-state intelligences. The whales live in the medium of salt water, which is quite destructive to solid-state structures. No SSE computer could exist in the presence of large amounts of salt-laden air with a high moisture content. Man’s killing of Man and Man’s killing of whales were then directed by extraterrestrial influences whose survival depended on eliminating the organisms of the sea, the seas themselves, and eventually Man.

Those sensitive to the preservation of biological life on Earth were tuned into other networks in the galaxy involved with water-based life forms and their type of intelligence. These networks were trying to teach Man that biological organisms, of which he was one type, were rather rare in the universe. Man must fight to conserve all organisms of his planet. The solid-state life forms would take over if Man did not preserve other organisms. The individual humans who could tune in more strongly to these bands than to those of the solid-state were against warfare of Man on Man, were against whaling, and were against the killing of other animals on the planet.

There were times in the tank with the help of K that John felt attuned to the networks of communication between the whales and the dolphins. Their very strange intelligences made known to him some of the foregoing messages. Their communication with the water-based life-form networks in the galaxy was a good deal stronger than that of Man. The necessities of their own survival made them highly sensitive to those networks rather than to those of the solid-state life-forms. Their fifty-million-year survival on the planet allowed them enough time to integrate the lessons they had learned and to perfect their tuning to the networks which were geared to their survival. The whales and the dolphins served as repeater stations for the biologically oriented networks of extraterrestrial information. For humans who could tune in, the whales and the dolphins repeated the messages designed for Man and similar life forms.”

— John C. Lilly, The Scientist, (1978) p. 146-148

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