Stunned no. 14

The Doom Riot
Celestial Gates of Time (Stunned no. 14) — out of stock

Here we have abyssal eon-spanning drone from Denmark’s Claus Haxholm, who splits his soundsculpting time between The Doom Riot and Dead Black Arms, among many other smaller projects and live happenings. Celestial Gates of Time is four massive pieces recorded over 07–08 which plumb grim depths of solo circuit throttling & tranced heights of minimalist/”classic” drone weaving, cumulating with the epic 30-minute “Backup Angel Fire Sphere.” Dense swaths of crisp and crackle, endless in scope, pulling us white-knuckled and quaking through gates leading into the infinite black. For those who like their ecstatic stasis-states in the flavor of Goslings, Eureka, and RST. Limited edition of 60 hand numbered cdrs in plastic case with ancient haze art.

"A guitar music of drastically different stripe, the electrified monoliths constructed by Haxholm – reaching 12, 20, and 30 minutes – work in tandem of hi/lo contrast, as the gliding, half-speed High Rise of “Giants & Titans” crests sleepily into the busy, yet hopelessly murky primer “Star in the Skull”. Reconstructing a Popul Wu’uj/Popul Vuh psychedelia, the tracks chant with the monotonous fervor of the true believer, delving into the absent space which can channel the energy to craft the half-hour of booming distortion automatically-written as “Backup Angel Fire Sphere”: a sharp distortion overwhelming the secret piano of tones striating the track, the electric church congregates not without worry among the congregation; crashing into itself, the bassy plumes which cough as if on accident thin into the crackling electricity which overwhelms the ear, evoking at least a physical want for air/space. Deceptively offering more space and little percussion to be found, “Night Saviour Drummer” keeps a busy tempo in deeper hues, disallowing the lungs to relax in high-frequency/low-volume vibrations punctuated by a clattering like the warning of wind-chimes, or more realistically, a futile performance of triangle versus electric guitar. A tumultuous journey, the ‘The Doom Riot’ proves more than a fashionable misnomer, and the title a reasonable representation of the unattainable desires of the sound within." - Animal Psi

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