Stunned no. 31

Warm ClimateEdible Homes c42 (Stunned no. 31) — out of stock

With an unmatchable tenacity that depends on little much else than a power source, guitar and clarinet, Seth Kasselman has spent over a decade making some of the more truly idiosyncratic music we’ve had the pleasure of being hit with. The mere range of styles his Warm Climate project has taken on would be enough to daunt any four-piece band of fulltime songwriters. But ‘Edible Homes’ is proof that it only takes one Seth to take the piss out of a dozen genres at a swipe on these two 20-minute rollercoaster tape sides. It’s nearly impossible to describe just where exactly this ride takes the listener except that it’s a rich amalgamation of rock, classic pop, free jazz, dance, drone, tribal noise, broken toys, and psych riffing that testifies to Warm Climate’s versed knowledge of sound in its myriad of cultural forms. Like twisting the dial through the whole range of A.M./F.M. channels, not because any are tiresome, but because each one is enrapturing. All we can do is let the accumulation scoop us toward a nexus that wipes the cultural palate clean, and indispensably so. Hand numbered edition of 120 pro-dubbed & imprinted c42 tapes in lime shells w/ extended length double-sided color jcard; designed in energy of FIRE.

"Los Angeles’ Warm Climate is kind of like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: it’s impossible to measure it as drone because avant jazz horns will suddenly come into focus, and when you’re about to pin it down Marc Bolan glam-folk subsumes into jingling bells and the sound of geese raping and pillaging. Maybe it’s what Guided by Voices was for rock fans fifteen or twenty years ago, except way weirder. And it’s incredibly refreshing: so many cassette releases seem hung up on presenting a unified front (often one that caters in a few varieties of static), but the man behind this project, Seth Kasselman, doesn’t seem to carry any of those preoccupations. Plus he sings like David Bowie without an ego. The tape came out on Stunned but it’s since sold out. Bum out." - Impose

"From getting this in a batch of unsolicited cassettes to wondering if the first track was a parody of Tyrannosaurus Rex, once this pup kicked in, and upon repeated listens, I remained a bit shocked. Though Warm Climate (one Seth Kasselman) has released about a dozen CDRs and cassettes since 2000, I haven’t heard of it ‘til now. And now this great blend of psych-glam, DIY experimentalism, and Tangerine Dream/Sorcerer style prog comes into my hands and I don’t know what to say other than, “Where is the vinyl?” - Z Gun

"I got totally blind-sided by this one. I don’t know where Stunned label head Phil found Seth Kasselman, but he cranks out some epic songs on this release. Opening with an acid-fried folk song that explodes into into a guitar-heavy rock track only to dissolve into layer organ drone, “Lost Teeth/Organ Donor” is a great hint at the extreme weirdness found on Edible Homes. The church organ, acoustic strums, feedback-drenched guitar, and Kasselman’s vocals reemerge throughout the tape, but they are augmented with bizarre percussion, warped tape loops, and electronic squiggles. This is tape is incredibly varied and makes for a really fun ride!" - c60 Radio


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Very much fit for human consumption...

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Henry Smith said...

Amazing!! Record of the century!