Stunned no. 39

Black Eagle ChildSeeds That Sprout In Summer c50 (Stunned no. 39) —out of stock

This follow-up full length to editions on such labels as Blackest Rainbow and Housecraft finds Black Eagle Child rowing his boat ashore and sparking the campfire wide and bright. Let’s stretch out our legs, because we have a nearly hour long psychfolk excursion of delight on our hands here. Once BEC’s Michael Jantz starts dronin’ and fingerpicking his acoustic around the flames, things chill way out and the ears get a good cleanse. Just crack a brew and mind you don’t get sick on the s’mores. This release happily marks Black Eagle Child having created a child of his own. Along with Mike & Celeste, we welcome Mary Jantz into the world, the newest and most special sprout of summer. Hand numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted c50 yellow tapes with matching jcard.

Foxy Digitalis


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