Stunned no. 41

VakhchavIn Embers (Stunned no. 41) — out of stock

Sophomore release by Vakhchav after his ’08 debut on Abandoned Ship, and there are no signs of a slump in sight. NY city artist Nickolas Mohanna has been self-releasing his guitar/electronics work in mini-editions since ’05. Now this deliberation in refining an entirely original voice over the years pays off in a big way. ‘In Embers’ is trim and to-the-point, conveying strange symmetrical realms & whole worlds of weird in half the time most musicians might take. This is a journey into the direct center of the strobe, white and black crackles and hums form the absorptive blanket in which to lay out our gray matter and drift headlong into sidereal expanses of sound. The Vakhchav orb is bound to continue cresting our horizon – watch the dark skies. Hand numbered edition of 100 painted cdrs with transparent sleeve & insert card in vinyl jacket.

Foxy Digitalis

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