Stunned no. 48

Magnetic North DuoMidnight Safari Blues cdr (Stunned no. 48) —out of stock

Sindre Bjerga and Nils Rostad hunt down roomfuls of skittish warbles & waves over 3 separate live performances collected here for their sophomore offering ‘Midnight Safari Blues.’ Having debuted together as a duo earlier this year on Tape Drift with the excellent ‘Static Fields Forever’, the two indicated a shift in Norway’s free-noise priorities. This is resonance that wants to be held and sculpted like soft clay. One might suggest Bjerga’s minimalist electronic peppering and Rostad’s dream-drunk guitar act like handfuls of yeast thrown into the otherwise limp loaf of roomtone that’s encountered by every performer upon first stepping into their show space. Every contrasting string pluck and layered sinusoid create a little air pocket allowing the listener to breathe moment-to-moment, unsure of when the next alignment will arrive. This welcomes in an ever-evolving interplay of active & passive improv structures, and a reflection of an audile world which folds organically into night’s magnetic center. Hand numbered edition of 100 stamped cdrs with full color sleeve & double sided insert card in vinyl jacket.

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