Stunned no. 67

WetherHere’s the Bet c32 (Stunned no. 67) —out of stock

In our pursuit for the most flipped out noise on the globe, we’re always brought back to the area code of 905 Tapes’ Mike Haley and his long-running project of pleasure and pain Wether. ‘Here’s the Bet’ is a mean half hour of Haley’s hot circuit purgation where sweat stings the eyes and nausea synchs in time to icicle-sharp oscillations. The uncompromisingly clinical meat locker mechanics on display here might be a punch in the gut for those uninitiated with modern devices of sonic weaponry and crowd control. But once the gauntlet of tinnitus dipped 666-pitch has been weathered on the first pass, ‘Here’s the Bet’ becomes an experience likely to be often repeated — it’s venom doesn’t seem to kill us, but only serves to make us stronger. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c32 tapes with double-sided color jcard.

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