Stunned no. 78

Archers by the SeaSometimes We Should Dance c48 (Stunned no. 78) —out of stock

Vincent Caylet has kept us on our toes the last three years, steadily morphing his inscrutable sound and sidestepping any expectation as to where it may lead next. When this Monks of the Balhill member flies solo as “V”, The Pistil Cosmos, or Archers by the Sea as he does here, he consistently summons huge atmospheres of perplexing, unpredictable beauty. Riddled with infectious cycles of surf guitar, stoned beats, and vocal ellipses, ‘Sometimes We Should Dance’ is similar in spirit to V’s lineage of weird. And yet it can be perceived that something has also recently changed within the Archers by the Sea multiverse, and much for the better. Whether its Vincent’s recent fatherhood, the onset of a new summer in France, or the combo of both, this cassette is guided toward ecstatically dazed ends by elevating every moment into the sunlight. If ever there was a time to dance, it would be now. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c48 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert.

Animal Psi

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