Stunned no. 80

Xiphiidae Iiustus / Transresonance Formation c90 + c25 (Stunned no. 80) —out of stock

A field-recording trip with Xiphiidae into the Florida wilderness soon provides abduction from the physical plane, blissfully suspended between-time & between-space, nearing the energetic heart of earth. ‘Iisutus’ is neither past nor future, and though one may think they’ve held or heard it, it was never here — it can only exist There. Direct apprehension of its presence eludes one throughout this 90-minute exploration of the inner-Terrestrial. Contact with ‘Iiustus’ seems only to be understood through the multiplicity of effects it has on ourselves later, quickening in deep interior realms. Following as a comparatively brief coda, ‘Transresonance Formation’ confirms mutational exposure to Xiphiidae at cell-level. In celebration, the double-helix begins to unknot & disentangle; the serpent spits its own tail from its mouth and grows brilliantly plumed wings. A year after its 1st issuing here on Stunned, ‘Transresonance Formation’ gets rescued from the medium of compact disc and is properly lodged hereon in analog fidelity, with all new artwork. Two years after its 1st issuing on Object Tapes as a home-dubbed edition of 45, we’ve taken ‘Iiustus’ and professionally transferred it to high bias chrome tape from the original master, as well as providing it artwork. Let’s just say it’s the least we can do with material of such personal connectivity & timeless essence. Limited edition set of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c90 + c25 tapes in butterfly case with double-sided jcards.

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