Stunned no. 83

A.M. Shiner / MusculusA.M. Radio / Microfiche c68 (Stunned no. 83) —out of stock

With eyes dilated as wide as the bandwidth’s spectrum, A.M. uses his Radio to wrest open abandoned frequencies on the dial. Bidding brain & body adieu, Shiner slips inside to play, joining metallic ghost voices as they surf through a strangely erotic vacuum. Weird new Canadian crew Musculus similarly reaps the generative union between flesh & electromagnetic possibility on this split’s flip. Their microfiche machines hum like monks on night watch, murky mantras preceded by 4th-dimensional feminine counterparts who emerge from a motorized surround. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c68 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

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