Stunned no. 93

Warm ClimateCamouflage On the River Wretched c36 (Stunned no. 93) —out of stock

Even those familiar with Warm Climate’s last decade of underground madness will find ‘Camouflage on the River Wretched’ a most combustible cocktail. Shaken, stirred, or molotov – any preference? No matter, it’s all going to be pleasantly poured down the hatch when Warm Climate’s iconoclastic bandleader Seth Kasselman grips microphone and guitar. Moving along from 2009’s pop dementia sleeper-hit ‘Edible Homes’, now Warm Climate explores dark urban noir, graffiti-speckled rock n’ roll, and mysterious cinematic narrative. Sounds about right for a group who was publicly declared “Best Band in L.A.” to the hearty agreement of the audience at this year’s Bottled Smoke Festival. Hell, Warm Climate IS Los Angeles, or at least one especially crucial aspect of its tremendous Voice. In all its befuddling and inscrutable glory, the city itself seeks purest expression through the genius minds who roam its Escher-like sprawl. Warm Climate has deftly responded to the schizoid urges of L.A. in good measure: with an incredible music that will be remembered long after the cars, buildings, and sea of people. Special edition of 222 pro-dubbed & imprinted c36 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

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