Stunned no. 97

M. Geddes GengrasPink Trails / Deep Moon Time c35 + c33 (Stunned no. 97) —out of stock

On the occasion of his 3rd solo release with Stunned, M. Geddes Gengras reports: “Cassette soundtracks for late nite cruising Los Angeles. ‘Pink Trails’: Clean freeways and dirty sidewalks, exhaust-blackened palm trees and grease & lime juice running off taco trucks. Tape grot synth/guitar mantras for sub-city eye-line fog reconnaissance, bunker hill breaks through the clouds and gets flattened, and frog town becomes a freeway. Maximum east los street vibes for severe downtown dreamers and skid row dwellers. ‘Deep Moon Time’: the gentle Id to Pink Trail’s raging Ego. Spare synth lines are bathed in reverb, offhand loops grow in significance, champagne meditations bubble up through cracks in the plastic. Solo moog pieces for quiet moments.” Limited edition set of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c35 + c33 tapes in butterfly case with double-sided jcards.


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