Stunned no. 102

XiphiidaeEqual Phesance c36 (Stunned no. 102) —out of stock

When ‘Equal Phesance’ was first issued in 2008 as a Housecraft CDr limited to 60 copies, it’s maker had this to say: "Seemingly hidden in a sedimentary layer of the collective subconscious, is the ever-more-detectable hum of an arriving world, calling for receptive ears and accessible memory banks upon which to unfurl its banner." Stunned Records has always found ‘Equal Phesance’ to be one of the more challenging and unique slices from the sturdy Xiphiidae back catalog. Now re-issued on cassette for the first time in an expanded edition size with all new artwork, it’s high time to give this jewel a closer listen. In the few years since this deep-ambient dream was shared with us, the hum of the arriving world has nearly become a roar. As mere observers to an annihilative Mystery, we joyously invite its unfurling here at the threshold of a new year. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c36 tapes w/ double-sided color jcard.

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