Stunned no. 106

Charlatan / Spare Death Icon — c42 (Stunned no. 106) —out of stock

When Brad Rose (The North Sea, Digitalis, etc.) and Jason Anderson (Brother Raven, Gift Tapes, etc.) conceived this split together, they agreed that Relaxation was to be the overarching theme of the tape regardless of their distinct synthesizer arrangements. The result is one of the finest examples of the heights Brad’s synth-driven Charlatan and Jason’s SDI solo vehicle can attain with analog circuitry. Charlatan steps right to the business of chilling out proper with a pair of jams that fuse laser-guided arpeggios with angel chorus and heart-aching string pulls. Spare Death Icon follows up this plunge toward heaven’s gate with a balancing tug toward an environment as isolate as some distant preorganic planet. While maintaining a most relaxed flow, the back side of this cassette is also experienced as its dark side — a mysterious sound evoking the first whispers of cellular lifeforms clinging within glacier crevices and cooling fields of lava. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c42 tapes w/ double-sided color jcard.

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