Stunned no. 110

Black Eagle Child / Eureka — c49 (Stunned no. 110) —out of stock

Black Eagle Child has brought his signature sound to an exquisite point of refinement over the last year, and his half of this split edition with Eureka is evidence of that fact. Commencing with a triptych of tunes, BEC entwines field recordings with fluid guitar lines that bloom outward in subtle & seductive fashion. It’s in these rare musical moments that the immediate pressures of space and time are relieved, where both musician and listener coast into pleasant memories and unhurried daydreaming. Eureka similarly gains stride on Side B with his first new material since 2009, giving events a slightly more labyrinthine twist than usual. Sustained pyramidal piano precedes deeper passages of intrigue, where hybrids of free-percussion and mellow six-string peak out behind cobwebs & hashish smoke plumes. Sonic frescoes lining the way suggest the strong influence of wise ancestor guides and transcendent astral myth, which Eureka translates to tape one liberated step after another. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c49 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

Agitated Atmosphere

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