Stunned no. 120

Inhibitionists / Afterlife — c63 (Stunned no. 120) —out of stock

Whether he’s running one of Europe’s best underground labels or tearing it up as Inhibitionsists, Christian Kann has always been a guy to look out for. On this split edition with NY synth sons Afterlife, Kann drops some of his most dynamic work yet, which is saying something significant for those aware of past Inhibitionists output. Sequestering every variety of bent and dented tone, this Side A is forward-propulsive antics of the highest order. Schizoid algorithms are interrupted by free-clatter & string passages, deftly bouncing back to form and repeating similar manic cycles a few more times before passing the torch to Afterlife. Within seconds of the handoff, Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle are snapped to breathless attention, their circuitry poised for astral action. Never failing to astonish with their proprietary flavor of team-synthesizer, the side they offer here can be considered the essential post-script to their recent Stunned cassette (no. 116). Darker in shade and even foreboding at moments, this piece suggests the colored showers of “Hypnautic Rinse” can also be converted to temporary cloudcover. For this reason and many more we turn a closer listen to these skilled musicians of the nebulous realm. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c63 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.


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