Stunned no. 122

Remote IslandsDays of Heaven c46 (Stunned no. 122) —out of stock

Remote Islands ringleader Colin Pate joined up with fifteen of his other talented Philadelphian friends and over the course of a year crafted ‘Days of Heaven,’ the leftfield pop masterpiece proudly presented on this c46 cassette. Whether it was unpredictable fate, good karma, or sheer serendipity we don’t know — somehow this crew connected with Stunned Records and shared with us the best unsolicited demo the label has received in three years of operation. Colin’s nimble songwriting turns a dozen numbers into absolute gemstones in the hands of his ensemble who represent themselves on 24 different instruments. Take everything that’s been effective, uncompromised, and lasting about rock & pop music of the past and present. It’ll be found in spades here, and with its own distinctly unique Remote Islands twist. Special edition of 222 pro-dubbed & imprinted c46 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

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