Stunned no. 124

A.M. ShinerBad Cop c47 (Stunned no. 124) —out of stock

Unnamed experts and compromised authorities have been managing our perception far too long, suggests A.M. Shiner on his last tape ever before early retirement at age 18. He has received all his yearly vaccines and daily fluoride. He’s ingested genetically-modified everything, and he’s been living under the gift of nuclear power since birth. For AMS, the jig is finally up and the coast is clear. He stuck around when they sent in the Good Cop to work us over (Stunned no. 27). But before they send in the Bad Cop, he knows its time to post bail and bounce the hell out. Keep in mind that no matter where and no matter when, assume A.M. Shiner to be in contempt of court — with permission granted to regard him as hostile. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c47 tapes w/ double-sided color jcard.

Foxy Digitalis
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