Stunned no. 131

Parashi / GranitkorridorCeledon / VI c80 (Stunned no. 131) —out of stock

Parashi returns with his signature branded on forty fresh minutes of amplified turbulence and gnarled electronics. While his “Troika” (Stunned no. 115) ushered in longform pieces of crackling scuzz, the opening side of this split with Granitkorridor reveals Parashi isn’t treading the same ground for long. Listeners behold six distinct scenes that evoke images of malevolent applications of nanotech, wastelands glowing green with radiation, and lab-weaponized parasites slithering their way into flesh. None of these perceived traumas seem to daunt Parashi, however, as he brings the magical powers of a sonic warrior to the fore of his side’s entirety. Germany’s most somber string-puller Granitkorridor knows a thing or two about a warrior’s skills, having spent a half dozen releases now exploring cavernous realms that few else dare to entreat. His time here is split evenly between two huge pieces of pure bass guitar blackout. Amazingly spacious, it possesses everything that has made Granitkorridor’s previous cassettes so repeatable and essential in our psychedelic music collection. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c80 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert.

Upstate Soundscape

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