bonus release #1 and #2

Every month's Stunned batch includes a bonus release for the first 20 or 30 orders, and we thought that despite not being cataloged releases like the others , they deserve some exposure of their own. You may have already seen the Historians bonus with last month's Sun Araw/Molten Honey combo. Arkpetrel will ship with this upcoming month's releases:

Historians EP (Stunned bonus #1) — out of stock

Fried, intense, heavy belches of electrosmog dance trash transmissions from Oregon duo John & Ryland, recorded over summer 06. A blissful violation on every level of musical taste and tolerance, only countered by the cases designed and crafted by Myste French, featuring her beautiful/creepy photo recreation of Gentileschi's Judith and Her Maidservant With the Head of Holofernes. Ltd. 20 handnumbered copies with insert.

Arkpetrel EP (Stunned bonus #2) — out of stock

The rare collaborative energies of NW blood bros. Phil & John compiled after two separate winter break recording sessions 05/06. Hazy forest meanderings and attic raga, popping off weird lines and stream of consciousness acoustic cycles. Lots of love and laze in this one. Ltd. 30 handnumbered copies in etched tissue paper with insert.

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