Stunned no. 4

Sun ArawBoat Trip 3” (Stunned no. 4) — out of stock

Boat Trip might be some hidden soundtrack to Donkey Kong warp-whistling his ass straight into Ayahuasca Country. In about twenty minutes Sun Araw manages to navigate a psychedelic jungle cruise through canopy din & spooked drone, then he noses the boat out of the water and lifts into uncharted dub-spheres. The back half of this entranced tour is like being (fortunately) trapped inside an old Upsetters jam played at half-speed with twice the shaman-chant and reverb drenched percussion. Normally we wouldn’t trust taking this kind of trip with just anybody, but with wheel and rudder alike in the hands of Magic Lantern co-captain Cameron Stallones, we can sip our yage-of-choice in peace and share the Sun Araw vision as one. Ltd. 50 hand numbered copies in cottonpaper pouches housed in full-size polyvinyl jacket.

"Current scene-ripper Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones of Magic Lantern) rides the lightning-hotstreak with the ‘Boat Trip’ 3”, a deep psychedelia in two healthy chunks. Immediately differentiating itself from so many colleagues, the rhythmic throb of “In the Trees” represents the foremost tribalism of the man’s sound, followed immediately by acidic guitar wah, hand percussion and Stallones’ soulful bellow applied in sustained bursts; entirely believable as an excerpt from White Rainbow’s recent ‘Prism of Eternal Now’, the track also hints of Muslimgauze in its machined chime and spirited patterns. The fuzzy effervescence of guitar only blinks before suturing-on “Canopy”, a side-scrolling track of accumulating elements – bongo drumming, rain stick, reverb – in wonderful harmony, with vocals wordlessly returning the calls of the Pocahaunted clan. Beyond the actual bird sounds sampled throughout, instrumental noises mimic the realer animism of jaguars, snakes, and large, slow insects. The arboreal theme implies this boat trip should be spent on your back, which is exactly where the disc will put you. Sprayed CDr comes in a heavy vinyl sleeve with color art and a mini, hand-sewn envelope on lavish paper. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies." Animal Psi

"...while Sun Araw is still heavily psych, the guitar jams are sunk down in the mix on these two long tracks, deep behind tribal dirge vibes. Ostensibly, “Boat Trip” plods, but in an utterly intoxicating, potentially menacing sort of way. I’ve seen this compared to a wilder Panda Bear, and I can see there’s some hypnotic, exotic affinities. But there’s something distinctly muggier, hipper about Sun Araw; a wasted, oppressive atmosphere and smothered vocals which remind me, abstractedly, of New Kingdom circa “Unicorns Were Horses”. Which is cool. Amazing record. Want more." - Uncut


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