Stunned no. 3

Molten HoneyInner Fauna (Stunned no. 3) — out of stock

Somewhere in yon hills of western Oregon roams a man. The man is molten, his six-string drips with honey. Inner Fauna is the most recent offering of blistering modal acoustic guitar works from John Frank’s appropriately worn Molten Honey pseudonym. Previous projects (like the upcoming Stunned re-issue of 2006’s The Doglands) were rooted in sung depictions of the outer fauna observed around woodlands and riverbanks of the virginal Umpqua Valley. Now with a move into the city of Eugene, Molten Honey’s gaze is turned inward to a new fauna, a kind beyond the need for language. Inner Fauna begins with lysergic lullaby “Down” courtesy of a ghostly gospel choir, and thereafter the listener is ushered beyond the sung word and into pure acoustic tones. Billows of tones, in fact. Sparse, droney zenscapes are visited by Fahey/Basho-style Americana and head-down delta blues descent. West makes sweet love to East, and so convenes the Stunned Records ecumenical psychfolk council of 2008. Ltd. 40 hand numbered copies in heavy blue Tibetan rice paper sleeves.

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