Stunned no. 6

The DoglandsThe Doglands (Stunned no. 6) — out of stock

At last, the promised re-issue of John Frank’s former folk handle The Doglands, and one of the few releases from the last couple years that really inspired us to get Stunned Records up and running. Wide-eyed & weird tin can psych from the lo-fi backhills of the hi-fi mind who brings us Oregon’s Molten Honey. Any vocals here are peaced-out Huxlian assurances of glistening outer and inner worlds, every rusty guitar strum a testament to the irrelevance of government and impotence of academia in the face of such nature and the cosmos. For those who travel the high trails close to the sun. Ltd. 40 hand numbered copies in heavy green Tibetan rice paper sleeves.

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