bonus #3

The first 20 online orders this month get shipped this blazin jam by Eureka:

Trench 3" cdr (Stunned bonus #3) —out of stock

Recorded in the dark back in summer 06 and seeing light for the first time here two years later, Trench is an uncompromising document of amp violence, stumbling drums, and indeterminate guitar determinism by our magical man William. A werewolf gropes his way back to bed with a mashed Marlboro. Sometimes life’s a trench, dudes. Ltd. 30 copies in polyvinyl sleeve with color art.

"The first, and my favorite track, begins with a very short percussive intro leading to some strange bizarre unintelligible vocals/chants before the 25 second mark when it blasts into some manic mangled shrieking guitars/electronics and background percussion...this is pure ear bleeding noise...a rain dance or virgin alien sacrifice me thinks....around the the 2:30 mark the manic percussion fades and it settles into a ritualist slow-burning rhythm much calmer then the beginning...picture a trail of ants all psychomatically linked hypnotized by queen commands...another turn around the 5:30 mark when the tribal percussion reenters...perhaps the ants are increasing their pace? is a nearby colony threatening? around 7:30 another shift as the percussion drops away and now its sheer power, dominance & anger...heavy reverberating and shifting sounds fill both ears; the tension builds most certainly but for what its not yet clear....the tension rises, more aggression, rising, rising...a tidal wave of distortion...it pulls me down & under, tugging & tumbling, gasping for air and then the ultimate peace." — Buried In Sounds


Lars said...

What if I already have everything?!


we have something up our sleeve for you lars