Stunned no. 8

Sleepwalkers Local
Better Living Through Science (Stunned no. 8) — sold out

Better Living Through Science is the third Sleepwalkers Local solo outing of (VxPxC)/Thousands jammer, Echo Curio curator, and Phantom Limb label blazer Grant Capes. Wielding guitar as primary source of slo mo explosion-making along with a versed range of effects, drums & voice, Grant ushers in deep deserts of spaced rock before floating us into open skies of introspective instrumentals, and then back around again for a mini-opus or two. Like waking from a beautiful dream and going about your day, only to wake again for real, but this time down the block in your pajamas... help is here. Ltd. 80 hand numbered cdrs in polyvinyl case with color art.

"Tragically long absent from these pages, Grant Capes of the inimitable (VxPxC) returns by virtue of the Stunned label as fantastic-solo-ego Sleepwalkers Local (apparently he’s since shed the ‘242’ to spare confusion with Belgian angstronica). In nine remarkably conventional tracks, the man’s California rock revival takes full bloom, as best argued through the hurdy-gurdy anthem “Sleepers Awake!”, so far as I know the first appearance of Capes as vocalist. An appropriately lethargic - if out of modesty/timidity, overly reverberated – cross-wiring of Neil Young humility, Glenn Donaldson husk, and Neil Halstead apprehension. The trot-along tempo of the track speaks of travels out the West, a timeless dust resting on the instruments reminiscent the underrated Maquiladora of San Diego back when. And that’s another thing! Though just one man at work, the full band illusion is working handsomely with multi-tracked guitars and drum kit on several tracks, providing a nice context to Grant’s understated guitar skills." — Animal Psi

"This came outta nowhere...Grant Capes of (VxPxC), The Circle and the Point, etc goes all solo on us, and damn its real good! Opener "Back To Start" is some bleak desert wandering soundtrack music which sets you up for thinking that the whole disc could be like this, but straight in to track two, it changes, a slow paced drum track with a sound layered all over it... very mellow and very nice. "Sleepers Awake!" is some far out, almost bluesy/back room guitar/vocal/drum haze... I'll not ruin the whole release by describing each track, but it does end on "Slow Dreams," a slow, almost reflective guitar focused piece... Limited to 80. Recommended!" — Blackest Rainbow

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