Stunned no. 9

Chrysalis Cycles (Stunned no. 9) — out of stock

shea M. gauer and scott A. peterson are smgsap, and Chrysalis Cycles is their third full length release in nine years as a group. The layered soundscapes here testify to a pair of improvisational artists with ears for excruciating detail – meticulous gatekeepers on the threshold of analog/digital transfer banks. Moans of plate tectonic energies lay a groundwork for the duo to unleash a variety of insectile oscillations and zaps of particle collision. By the conclusion of the four cryptic cycles, it’s hard not to be convinced that somewhere, maybe right under your nose, a creature has undergone a magical, chemical reconfiguration. Ltd. 69 handnumbered cdrs in heavy cottonpaper pouches with fold-out color insert.

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Ted's work gets better and better and better and...