Stunned no. 10

The North Sea
Submarine Museum c33 (Stunned no. 10) — out of stock

For lack of a better word: woah. Brad Rose is back at the helm of his ever-welcome, shapeshifting solo guise The North Sea. Submarine Museum is a continuous 33 minute cassette side depicting a sonic mandala riddled with points of desperate beauty and feedbacked death throe. The first two-thirds of the guitar based piece flows from humble pulses into a squall of the vertical blood-quickening sort. But that’s precisely where the atmosphere’s glowing membrane is pierced, letting through a sharp bodhi light of release and penultimate peace for the final third of the journey. Catch breath. Repeat. Limited to 80 pro-dubbed cassettes with color inserts housed in hand-crocheted cases by Myste French.

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african said...

hey guys!
brad cool as usually)
thanx for this release