Stunned no. 17

Tricorn & QueueContinual Passage c40 (Stunned no. 17) — out of stock

Tricorn & Queue have captured the hearts & minds of many of us this year with their previous two ultra hypnotic tapes on Digitalis and Housecraft. Well, the headbands are wrapped, the hidden entrance has been found, and now Housecraft's own Jeff Astin and Kane Pour step again into the thick of a cosmic ritual passageway on this latest quest for the ultimate philosopher's tone. Launching out from the remnants of magnetic decay that closed the last release, here T&Q cast similar cycles of satellite purr and crackling naturescapes that unfold like nocturnal blooms. The humid loops gradually increase in secretive tensions that linger long after the final decibels fold back around to the first step of the journey. Stay on the good path with one of our favorite sound & craft outfits around. Hand numbered edition of 120 pro-dubbed c40 tapes in blue shells with gold ink imprinting and color j-card.


"This is pure aesthetic escapism. This is a deep river of milky neon haze. This is the wallpaper in a baby's room coming to life. This is the the sound track to a slow motion film about waterways- complete with artificial field recordings and burnt out technicolor visuals. This is the perfect aural accompaniment to the visual art of Jeffry Astin (one part of Tricorn and Queue) -drenched in those same strange colors from worn out 1970's picture books. It's hard to separate the sounds from the listening experience. I feel warm and comforted, and not the least bit bored. I feel like a kid again. I feel like I'm floating. What more do I need to say? This is beyond essential listening for anyone with an interest in unique analog drone music that is creating a new space for itself. 10/10" - Foxy Digitalis

"With this tape they continue with the same crystal synth vibes found on their older releases. Here, though, they are roughed up a little by sundry scrapes and hisses. What sounds like field-recordings of wind drift in and add texture to the little loops of clear tones that have characterized their previous work. The drowsy, lilting pieces bleed into each other, occasionally cutting out and drifting underneath the environmental cracks and pops. The clouds of delicate drones make a gorgeously impenetrable haze - transcendental little soundscapes that are somehow as simple as they are dense. Though the most apt descriptor for this lovely, ethereal tape is ‘otherworldly,’ with the gradual fluctuations, the age-damaged field recordings, and occasional rolling chimes and bells the tape maintains a rather organic, human feel. But unlike lots of drone-based music, this piece becomes much more than its process - the actual instruments have been transformed into pure, indeterminate sound. Each piece is so smooth that there is very little to hold onto as the little streams of sound drift by, which only drives one to listen over and over again." - c60 Radio


"Warped and bubbly drone with plenty of warmth. Far from the sterile drone-works of other contemporaries, this work is almost crystalline and has a glowing lo-fi edge to it that many drone recordings lack. It's kinda like the Stars of the Lid debut if those bastards hadn’t have been so moody... Environmental field recordings swing into the mix with ease, giving these recording an earthy vibe." - Expressway to My Skull

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