Stunned no. 18

Kabyzdoh ObtruhamchiKabyzdoh Obtruhamchi c50 (Stunned no. 18) —out of stock

Yes we’re going to have to learn how to pronounce yet another tricky project name, but in this case it’ll be highly worthwhile, as soon many will be talking about Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi. Sergey Kozlov is Russia’s newest exporter of excellent jams, and his solo c50 arrives as a thankful surprise with its sky-rending hybridization of eastern european guitar spree & 70s snowdazed modal folkrock. Resonant drums burst through the giant aluminum churn of guitar, voice, and percussion arcing overhead. Dancing between poles of hot motion & cool mass, Sergey’s impressively energetic numbers establish themselves long enough to each become deeply meaningful, essential scenes in his pan shamanic expression. Big countries produce big stories, and we’re glad to roll out the first of more hours to follow from Bryansk’s psych music representative. Hand numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted c50 tapes in clear shells w/ gold foil liner & double sided color jcard.


"This thing is totally expansive and just crushes. Nice to hear someone use the eastern-style tabla rhythms without going into cheapo "trippy" territory too. No raga cliches here at all, as Kozlov instead uses the rhythms like some blown out rave vibe that drips across the sheets of sound created elsewhere, driving the whole work forward. Tons of layers from bongos to cowbell to guitar wailing--and the dude can rip--as well as more thick bass fuzz than most can muster. The bass always sits back a ways too, playing some longer inner-world rhythm that really breathes life into this. Once it mellows down a ways, dude starts singing some Pandit Pran Nath overtone style stuff, but again, there are so many other influences present here that it doesn't sound the least bit cheap or cheesy. It's heady stuff that just grows and sprawls about, but it's hardly for the faint of heart." - Ear Conditioned Nightmare

"The guitars at work here unwind and mingle and digress over the constantly moving rhythmic bed. This tape side is sensational because at a fairly long 25 minutes it never slows. It is paced amazingly well. I don’t know the last time I could truly say that about a psych rock jam. There’s a beautiful changeup where things get so unabashedly groovy and fun it brings a smile to my face. This cut has to be the feel good hit of the winter; I never want it to end. It almost doesn’t, it just rides the groove off into the sunset. It’s a beautiful thing." - Auxiliary Out

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