Stunned no. 20

Sparkling Wide Pressure Seven Inside and Out c30 (Stunned no. 20) —out of stock
Frank Baugh has a real ability to conjure super lucid memories from the furthest crags of our cranium whenever his Sparkling Wide Pressure begins emitting its visionary environs. Of the many corners he turns in his half hour visitation between chilly realities & possible alternate dream spaces, we’re guaranteed to always be adrift in the soothing detritus of a quickly fading analog past. With ‘Seven Inside and Out’ Frank asks, are these warm dream worlds we imagine sad hoaxes or attainable endeavors for the future? Half-soldered circuitry tends to be the slit in the fence Frank takes advantage of here by deftly slipping through nostalgic loops & blurred drones. Given its relatively brief runtime, this cassette displays a vast scale of vision skilled in its admixture of loner synth dirges, hope-thirsty distant wails, and anti-gravitational guitar cycles. The combinations here pair perfectly with the thoughts of dawn & vibrations of dusk. Hand numbered edition of 100 pro dubbed & imprinted c30 tapes in mustard shells and double-sided color jcard.

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