Stunned no. 19

A.M. ShinerBananarchy c100 (Stunned no. 19) — out of stock

Sulfuric post-music debut by the young & troubled Andrew Michael Shiner, whose sonic vernacular on this special edition long playing cassette never strays far from snotty concrete chomping noise. Side A is seven widely varied attempts at funneling assaultive energy thru a black hole in the hopes of its emergence as a pure & beautiful force of healing through the white hole on the other side. Just barely making it there and catching glimpses of the toxic information field being refined in the analog shitstorm is enough to let this single side roll out the length of a full album. Side B matches the first fifty minutes with two more minimally-oriented pieces that include Andrew’s first ever “metahistoric live performance” (were you there? probably!). All is finally capped by a half hour time-freezing monolith wash guaranteed to mellow any harsh incurred by contact with the bananarchic agenda. Also look out for new chapters of the A.M.S. crisis to unfold soon on Housecraft, Sound Holes, and Dokuro. Hand numbered edition of 80 pro-dubbed black & white c100 tapes in vinyl album with cover collage compiled from a year’s worth of strung out doodles from A.M. Shiner’s old bummer-job phone log.


"...these tracks just go and go, moving into realms of lo-fi fuzz rarely achieved by even the most savage sewage dwellers. Thick walls of grays and blacks co-mingling in some weird realm of volcanic heat... Totally burnt out rust covered sounds slink along for such huge stretches you can't even keep it up front and center in the noggin - just keeps plugging along before it gets back in the cranium to nestle itself down." - Ear Conditioned Nightmare

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