Stunned no. 23

The Pistil CosmosSmoking Clouds In the Land of Fire cdr (Stunned no. 23) — out of stock

The French psychedelic underground’s recent sweep of cdr & tape gems owes much to Monks of the Balhill member and “V” galactic guide Vincent Caylet. Lately, his parallel solo project The Pistil Cosmos has been fleshing out a rather grittier and at times noisier underbelly to his other works’ more peaceful star-eyed realms. 'Smoking Clouds In the Land of Fire' steps into 2009 as the salvo that says the scene in France is maintaining some serious chops. Album opener “The Dreamt Language” taps into echoing caverns of shrouded gallic ancestors, their chants hushed under a menacing moon. Twin opus “There’s No Ghost Here” features over twenty minutes of cascading overtones & startling infrasound resonating like a pulsar, dissolving the parameters of modern drone in a rainbow blur. Deep in scope, wide as our minds can go, be sure to tune in to this particular cosmos. Hand numbered edition of 90 white cdrs in vinyl case with insert card and full color art.

"Whether attributable to the piece's suggestions of the infinite or the personal nature of these works, they have a gripping nature that is a step above a lot of the drone stuff out there. Caylet seems to begin with one idea and spend the rest of the time extrapolating on that, exploring all of its pockets. Of course that doesn't mean there are no sudden changes: harsh noise rhythms do enter to cut off the drone for moments before slipping back in. Yet these are so well placed and timed that they merely feel like brief mental distractions before returning to the environment at hand. As the drones drift off, we are left with the hazy electronic repetitions whose underbelly reminds us of where we have been, rendering it all nostalgia as the grind keeps us centered in the present." - Ear Conditioned Nightmare

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