Stunned no. 24

Yuko x ChinoSovereign Plumed Serpent (Stunned no. 24) — out of stock

Yuko x Chino is the blazing new-ish solo vehicle for Sasqrotch member Danny No/Fi. In similar fashion to his LA-based homeys, he sticks to everything that is lean & mean about metal and drone. Danny’s guitar work conjures a blizzard of white ash within our cochlea, unleashing sickly stretches of a crafted confusion that seems bound to etch a new sense into the collective mind. The concluding slice here is a live radio performance on KCSB Santa Barbara, where YxC is introduced as special guest Bright Eyes. He then proceeds to decimate with upper-register wail while Chad from The Offices of Moore & Moore drops in on guitar. Woah is right… consider the airwaves taken back! Hand numbered edition of 100 painted cdrs in color slipsleeve w/ transparent overlay in vinyl jacket; designed in energy of EARTH.

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