Stunned no. 29

ChapelsLast Night of the Earth c30 (Stunned no. 29) — out of stock

House of Alchemy label head Adam Richards continues his ‘09 resurgence with this solo project which latched to our ears a few months back and didn’t let go. Chapels is the name of Adam’s game, and if that sounds harmless enough, let’s just reserve our thoughts until his full tidal force of moan-riddled gearing and howling industrial waves crash over us. ‘Last Night of the Earth’ comes as a refreshing blast to the mind’s rafters, departing from so many other experimental acts in its choice use of otherworldly hiss & masterful analog groans. Each tape side features two central squalls separated by sprawling transitions of environment that evoke the alternating cycles of violence & stability in gaia’s seasons. Every pass over Adam’s flickering work reveals new jewels that appear icy hard on the surface, but cracked open they spill a multihued yolk over the final night’s canvas. Numbered edition of 100 painted & pro-dubbed c30 tapes in clear shells w/ red foil liner & double-sided color jcard; designed in energy of EARTH.

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