Stunned no. 28

Dead Black ArmsLake Reflection Catalyst c46 (Stunned no. 28) — out of stock

The last time Copenhagen’s Claus Haxholm dropped a Stunned release under his Doom Riot moniker, it caught the ear of many seeking drones of timeless celestial import. Including Julian Cope, who recently called it “guaranteed guestlist entry into the Underworld… a righteous and coherent statement of intent that should have y’all returning again and again.” So we asked Claus back, and this time he returns in Dead Black Arms garb to resume the Danish bleak-streak. ‘Lake Reflection Catalyst’ lasts half as long as the last go-around so it makes sure to burn twice as hot over dual/dueling 20+ minute sides. Listening closely, one becomes privy to a dawning horror wrought high above mirrored waters — a startling, unprepared realization and the ensuing paradox. The scene holds especial tension given Dead Black Arms’ relentlessly minimal approach to guitar and percussion drone. Often stripping back all semblance of tone in order to chase down forces of sheer electricity, Haxholm’s obsessive pursuit bares his instrument’s power to sculpt stark new forms. Yet somehow an array of subtlety is preserved in the crush of naked timbre, affirming that details are never overlooked by Denmark’s dark son. Hand numbered edition of 100 painted & pro-dubbed c46 tapes in clear shells w/ blue foil liner & double-sided color jcard; designed in energy of WATER.

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