Stunned no. 33

Kabyzdoh ObtruhamchiEstcho x2 cdr (Stunned no. 33) — out of stock

When Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi’s self-titled c50 debuted late last year (Stunned no. 18), it sent a jolt through those of us who might have been unaware Russia had such a tempest brewing in its belly. Like some hyper-elastic one man jam-band oblivious to anything but perpetual motion, his sound simply shredded. And now after mere months, Sergey Kozlov is back to kick our butts permanently into the future. The trouble is doubled and so are the discs on this one-two ‘K.O.’ punch. As this is some of the most untethered sound being spun on either of the globe’s hemispheres right now, it goes without saying that ‘Estcho’ is a soundtrack of the yet-to-be. Like dropping by the year 4000 when a race of tattooed cyborgs throb in dionysian telepathy under guitar-guided biochemical tent party beats. Raveup til’ sundown and back again. Who knows where this celebration/liberation will take us? Hand numbered edition of 100 painted x2 cdr sets in oversized case w/ full color art.

Tiny Mix Tapes
Agitated Atmosphere


african said...

Serge is one of the best improv "one man's stand" acts from comtemporary Russia and each of his work is makin me wish for the continue of this trip. best regards to him and many thanx to Stunned crew for spreading the word and sound of/about/from KO!

freaknhell said...

excellent work. should be on many eoy lists!