Stunned no. 34

Sean McCannFrame of Mind c38 (Stunned no. 34) — out of stock

Sean McCann hardly needs introduction around here after having delivered his breathtaking album ‘Sway’ on Stunned in summer ‘08. One might initially assume ‘Frame of Mind’ to be a simple continuation of last year’s highwater mark. But mere seconds into this c38, we’re affirmed that these freshest of Sean’s crops are in the grip of a holy orbit unconcerned with what has come before. This is his transition from occupying a seat in the symphony to tapping the conductor’s wand at the podium. Opening night’s hush and poise is palpable as the framework’s magnitude is unfurled against a hazed rainbow canopy. Then, the presentation of some massive whirling chrysanthemum emitting gold-flecked clouds of brass vibrato, chamber orchestra drone, bowed strings, and vast fields of guitar & synth sun worship. Every time Sean dips his ladle into the pool of higher soundstates we pay attention. On ‘Frame of Mind’ he seems to have dropped in the deepest bucket he could find. Let’s drink up. Hand numbered edition of 120 pro-dubbed & imprinted c38 tapes in melon shells with double-sided color jcard.

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