Stunned no. 36

M. Geddes GengrasSmoke Blower c44 (Stunned no. 36) — out of stock

SIDE A: The come-up. A flick too many of the bic lighter perhaps, and then it’s a red-eyed night prowling the east side of town in pursuit of a burrito and more ganja. Or maybe a ganja-burrito? Someone should invent that so we could eat it. Rounding the corner now and –oh crap– it’s the cops. Sirens, dogs barking, the choppers start following, dropped the burrito back there somewhere (yet to score any ganj…). And suddenly a snap-to after 22 minutes of this modular synth-sourced hallucination, and the realization that we’ve been listening to ‘Smoke Blower’ by M. Geddes Gengras. Yes, L.A.’s own Renaissance Man: part Antique Brothers guitar wiz, part Green Machines uberstudio founder, part drummer for the mighty Robedoor, etc. Ged’s rap sheet goes on and on. It’s starting to make sense now. Or is it? SIDE B: re-ignite. You thought shit was crazy back there? Goodness gracious, son. Until we’ve actually stood under a dozen hydrogen blimps erupting in unified concert, this is the closest document on our hands approaching such levels of up-your-guts bass frequency experience. Fried, fried, fried. A psychic plunge upward, only to watch as a scythe the size of Florida rakes down the redwood forests. Tree trunks and rattlesnake ribcages all eventually clipped and neatly bundled with patch cord, piled miles upon miles high... 'ew' & 'whew'. Hand numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted c44 tapes in clear shells with green foil liner w/ double-sided color jcard.


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