Stunned no. 37

Bjerga / IversenMagnetic Colours of the Electric Rainbow (Stunned no. 37) —out of stock

Sindre Bjerga & Jan-Morten Iversen give the impression that they could just as easily be suited in some futuristic medical lab as they are in the venues and galleries they’ve ceaselessly toured since '04 as a duo. We’re on the job here with Norway’s serious nano-sculptors of the aural. These guys open their scalpel sets over tape spools & modular panels and go for the daring micro incisions that make the junior techs gasp. As fans of such heroic sound operation, Stunned is proud to present this official release of Bjerga / Iversen’s epic live 2007 performance at La Generale, captured in pristine fidelity by Radio WNE, Paris. It’s a determined procedure, nearly causing all attendants to faint in the sweaty focus of high register nerve-splicing and infrared plasma spurt. Thank God for the experts. Hand numbered edition of 120 painted cdrs with full color sleeve & insert card in vinyl jacket.

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