Stunned no. 43

Analog ConceptListen Already Today to the Music of Past! (Stunned no. 43) —out of stock

Don’t just stand there waiting for those 90s electro compilations in your old CD wallet to become cool again. You got to dust them off and pump them once more as if they were the freshest shit around. It’s in this way, as our Russian friend Alexey’s Analog Concept seems to suggest, that you can get ahead of the ‘revival of the fittest’ curve in modern music. So we’re taking his advice and just listening already, by the minute becoming happier at accepting this prompt. Where Analog Concept’s sound steps into the category of ‘the fittest’ has much to do with his deft detroit techno licks grinding their lil’ hips against the pillars of great, late-period Zoviet France and Tangerine Dream. Caffeine-infected beats gurgle to the fore of an hour-long continuous current bearing a strong scent of vintage synthesizer candies. We’re transported to the nightclub of dreams, but not necessarily to its dance floor. It’s more like leaning over in the corner –loaded– pumping drowsy fists to a schizoid groove which forms the bridge back to 1989 or forward to 2089: your call. Limited edition of 100 painted cdrs with double-sided insert and cardstock cover housed in vinyl jacket.

Foxy Digitalis
Animal Psi

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