Stunned no. 44

Fabric / Sparkling Wide PressureLate Clothes / Blue Doorways c62 (Stunned no. 44) —out of stock

SIDE A: An ear tuned toward the miniature sounds that form the larger patchwork of heard Existence. A summoning of the shadows that hang everywhere, yet are never noticed. Hard describing what is ultimately an indescribable and most welcome collection of enviro-tactile play here by Cleveland’s best kept secret. Matthew Mullane is the polymathic alter ego behind Fabric, who delivers ‘Late Clothes’ as an integral part of a broader stroke in the approach to his craft. This includes museum curation & advocacy, live performance, academic writing and publishing poetry. This side also arrives after 4 years of field recording and six-string development, working from a spectrum of sound sources that stake out common ground in REM sleep-syntax. Carefully experiencing each successive piece on ‘Late Clothes’ reveals the simultaneous presence of distant memories and intimate sounds, co-operating toward truly hypnagogic ends. SIDE B: ‘Blue Doorways’ feels like a new escalator on the cosmic scene – always in gliding ascent, paced for those who like the ride up stoney, but not stoned. Hazed, but not crazy. Just lifting through the smog of civilization’s concerns, then past the satellite litter ring around our globe, through a swiss cheese ozone, and finally into deep space. Tilt on back. Sparkling Wide Pressure has done this before (see: Stunned no. 20). He will continue to do it again. Much like Fabric who shares this cassette, SWP’s Frank Baugh has his finger in a number of pies juicy-n-large. He’s an art educator, Kimberly Dawn label leader, accomplished painter, and all-around contact man for any badass haps in Tennessee. Yes, this was a set-up. ‘Blue Doorways’, along with ‘Late Clothes’, is the yin-yang pill we’ve been dying to pop all summer. This split c62 is a limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted tapes with collaged double-sided jcard and cardstock insert.

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