Stunned no. 45

Pummeler / Derek RogersJuggernaut / Simmer c60 (Stunned no. 45) —out of stock

SIDE A: Denmark’s Pummeler wants nothing more than to tug at your arm like Virgil and then drop down together into an underworld of intrigue lit by rows of meter-tall candles. His ‘Juggernaut’ is a relic remaining from some ancient struggle between maddened monks and shadowy succubae for turf within an alternative purgatory. Here, lava-thick vocals of abandon fume in spires toward an unresponsive midnight. Navigation through the columns of rotted wire & dank-as-hell electronic mantra of Pummeler may be tricky at times, but between us and Dante, we have some good guides on both sides of the historical divide. Look for Pummeler on tour through the UK this September with Shiggajon & Claus Haxholm! SIDE B: I first met Derek Rogers while on tour through Austin with Magic Lantern in March. We found ourselves mutually stoked to be in a city that rightly prides itself as a mecca of southwest american weirdness, and the demo he passed on seems like the perfect reflection of that time & place. Rogers’ noise/synth jamz can either be scorching as a Texas brushfire, or glimmering in crystal refracted oasis-stasis. Either way, the casios are coolly bent, the tape loops are locked, and things go straight into gummy unreality in the plastic-melting mirage of ‘Simmer’. Look for Derek on tour in California this August playing with Al Qaeda & Mike Watt! This split c60 is a limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted tapes with collaged double-sided jcard and cardstock insert.




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