Stunned no. 61

Pine Smoke LodgeHaligdaeg cdr (Stunned no. 61) —out of stock

Pine Smoke Lodge’s Hillary & Matt hail from Portland Maine, where Matt also runs the awesome label Existential Cloth. The timing of the arrival of their ‘Haligdaeg’ is perfect for us northern-hemisphere-huggers who are now getting hit with the full thrills and chills of winter. Together Pine Smoke Lodge summit snowy banks of acoustical drone in ever-ascendant strides of bowed & plucked strings, icicle bells & xylophone, and heat-generating vocal mantra. The trail they follow is never steep, but vista-revealing peaks are reached in good order. Bookended between two stretches of sparkling activity comes a middle passage where one feels the clock has frozen as solidly as the ground underfoot. Such moments of palpable harmonic stasis trickle throughout ‘Haligdaeg’, making the climb worth it every time. Limited edition of 111 hand-stamped cdrs with color cover in vinyl jacket.

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