Stunned no. 62

Ossining/Afterlife — split c52 (Stunned no. 62) —out of stock

This split is a convergence of forty fingers and four heads belonging to 2 crews who are no strangers to the school of modern synthesizer work — Kevin Danchisko (Sovetskaya Gone), Brad Rose (Digitalis/The North Sea), Ryan McGill (Bones of Seabirds/Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Anathema Sound/Meditations). To say that each of these members has had a helluva ’09 is total understatement. Dudes have burned it up on all levels audile & visual. Case in point: the opening side’s all-hands-on-deck approach of Ossining. Kevin & Brad launch laterally in warm g-force tones for the remainder of Side A’s high-altitude analog cruising. There’s no need to come down from such birdflight bliss with Afterlife’s B-Side, offering a bounty of dilated-eye synth trance. Here Ryan & Franklin reach for the gooier forms which emerge at dusk on the horizon. Crisply telepathic in their chemical trailblazing, they dare to chisel flashing arpeggios down to quark level. Ladies and gentlemen, we have drift off. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c52 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert.

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