Stunned no. 63

Analog ConceptImpressions cdr (Stunned no. 63) —out of stock

Alexey Pushkin of Analog Concept made his inaugural visit to America last summer with audio recorder in tow, capturing as many natural city sounds in NYC as possible before returning home to Russia to edit these source tapes. What resulted from this intricate documentation is ‘Impressions’ — an album quite unlike anything we’ve heard in recent memory. As Analog Concept navigates lonely subway tunnels, bustling city parks, and ominously desolate corridors, his layered travelogue yields to borderline-subliminal synth accentuations. Never entirely unaffected field recording, never entirely a formal synthesizer composition, this one sits on our shelf marked ‘unclassifiable’, and we’re delighted to offer it here for your own unique collection. Special edition of 111 cdrs with double sided color sandwich-covers in vinyl jacket.

Animal Psi

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