Stunned no. 71

Sudden OakBanquet Years c30 (Stunned no. 71) —out of stock

Ever since watching them torch down LA’s Echo Curio in 2008, John Ward & Matt Erickson of Sudden Oak have been our favorite Frisco free-sound bruisers. This cassette might come as a surprise turn even for those privy to the duo’s own Bezoar Formations imprint and its periodic outflow of Sudden Oak tapes and discs. A further refining of their road-toughened scuzz, ‘Banquet Years’ turns in a document of whiskey-soaked saxophone lurch and boogie guitar slime-motions. These two ataxic modalities are without individual agenda, fusing into a singular badass voice which is equally comfortable commanding a bulb-glaring bunker as it is crashing the narcotic pool party nextdoor. Bounce back & burn it proud. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c30 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert.

"Great tape that makes it clear how comfortable these two are playing together. It has such an unassuming start, some nice but maybe a little characterless clatter, but then slowly, confidently builds into a giant swaying tower of fried psychedelics. When this tape gets going, it's one of my favorite stretches of sound to cross my ears lately. Erickson's sax playing is discreet but pivotal, keeping the pace just right. These guys work a really great balance, keeping the playing fresh without letting it get sloppy or sound tossed off." - Eggy Records