Stunned bonus #9

Slam Fucking Dunk — c14 (Stunned bonus #9) —out of stock

There’s a time to rock, and a there’s time to roll. And then there’s a time to rock and roll so hard you forget about much else in life, and life itself becomes one continuous rock and roll session. Then you get together with two of your other buddies who’re doing the same thing, and make a band like Slam Fucking Dunk. It took 14 months to finally nail down this 14 minute tape, but that’s perfectly okay. It was all one single unforgettable jam for the SFD troupe of Cassidy, John, and Jordan. From the food stamps to the space hash, from the noise citations to the sleaze vibrations — somehow its all captured here, on Stunned’s first ever Bonus Series cassette. It’s also a way of celebrating our label’s 2nd anniversary with you, our friends, by offering it here as a gift. The first issue of this c14 was a home-dubbed & non-imprinted edition of 111 handed out at Portland’s Tapefest last February. This second issue is a special edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c14 tapes with double-sided jcard, artwork same as the first issuing.

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