Stunned bonus #10

Jawsmoke / Nite Lite — Palo Santo / Molly c26 (Stunned bonus #10) —out of stock

Huddled in midday stasis of mind-n-mood, the duo of Jeff & Phil abide with herbs, embers of holy wood, and loops of damaged tape. This A-Side is dedicated to Palo Santo. Nite Lite is the long-in-formation clatter/field recording duo of Phil & Myste, debuting on this B-Side along with extended family jammers William, Whitney & Jeffry. A trans-lingual conversation beside waterfall and springtime sunset, ‘Molly’ is the abridged document of five hearts coming together in a rare medicinal state, becoming one tribe through the unforgettable nite. Limited edition of 88 pro-dubbed & imprinted c26 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert.

Cassette Gods

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